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Trouble at KEMRI as Staff Blame Senior Manager for Mistreating, Threatening Them

Feb 2, 2023
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The KEMRI Board of Management with instructions from one Antony Wachira are hatching a plot to transfer, dismiss, interdict and suspend over 30 KEMRI staff.

This is after the disclosure of various violations of law and mismanagement/ misappropriation of KEMRI research funds in various local media.

The over 30 staff are allegedly being suspected by KEMRI management of allegedly leaking information to various government ministries and state agencies.

Lately, they are not happy with the statement made by CS Health that she is going to dig deeper into the alleged misappropriation of government funds.

These words did not augur well with one senior manager Mr. Antony wachira who has been repeatedly mentioned in all irregularities in KEMRI and who at one time was suspended for misappropriation of donor funds.

He found his way back after political intervention.

It is reported that he lobbied some board members to push for this action against fellow staff, though some of the board members were not comfortable with this agenda.

They argued that the best would be for him to table evidence against the said over 30 alleged whistle blowers.

Key to note is that transferring the over 30 staff to various stations will mean paying them disturbance allowance in huge amounts that could as well be paid as the pending allowances to all staff.

Staff who sought anonymity are asking that Antony Wachira ceases to be KEMRI’s bank accounts signatory.

Wachira is known to have hoodwinked the outgoing acting DG who believes everything he tells him; staff are left with no option than seek attention elsewhere away from the acting DG who seems to be working in cahoots with Antony Wachira.

In committing economic crimes, the man is reported to have been on an endless international, regional and local trips earning himself huge amounts in perdiem that could be the monies he is bribing key individuals to protect him from prosecution.

The little time he sits in office is spent on witch-hunt of staff he does not like.
Who is this man?

Antony Wachira who is the acting Deputy Director Corporate Services at Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) a synonymous name in media lately, is a bitter man and is baying for blood of KEMRI staff who have been opposed to his absurd leadership style.

He is at the helm of the Directorate of Corporate Services which has the Corporate Affairs department.
The directorate which has several departments under it including Human Resource Department, Finance Department, Commercial Enterprise Department, Procurement and Engineering Department is the most powerful.

To date, the man has ensured staff who do not agree with him face unprecedented disciplinary action.
He is reported to be behind the summarily dismissal of a staff who he first personally ensured was transferred to a KEMRI branch in Alupe Busia as punishment for not towing his corrupt ways.

The staff later lost his spouse during Covid 19 period was still mourning the loss of his dear wife when Antony Wachira unleashed a dismissal letter on him through the Human Resource Department.

Several other staff have suffered under this man’s leadership, and just like in the past regime where he bragged to know people in powerful offices, he still chest thumps that no one can dare touch him.
He has been mentioned adversely in alleged misappropriation of funds at KEMRI but no organ of government has dared arrest him.

Information reaching us from an anonymous caller claims that Antony Wachira has a list of over 30 staff that he intends to dismiss, transfer, suspend and interdict by Friday 3rd February 2023.

The question that begs is what powers does he wield to execute such moves? Is the KEMRI management aware of this rogue officer’s ill intentions to punish fellow staff or are they working in cahoots?
Where is the KEMRI Board of Management in all these?

There’s a crisis at KEMRI and if left to continue the institute’s gains are likely to be taken down the drain.
The anonymous staff are appealing to the President to rescue KEMRI and its staff from the gnawing teeth of the alleged rogue senior officer.

All the staff beseeches the President to do is to order a forensic audit that will reveal the deep financial rot in KEMRI that this man might want to cover up by instituting disciplinary action against the 30 or so staff.

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