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Sossion Resigns from Troubled KNUT

Jun 25, 2021
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Kenya National Union of Teachers Secretary General Wilson Sossion has resigned

The SG who has been serving since 2013 announced that he had bowed out of the KNUT elections that were to be held tomorrow and subsequently stepped out of his role at the Union.

“I bow out of KNUT leadership honourably I shall remain loyal to the teachers union and I will always be available to advice and support the leadership of the union,” said Sossion.

He has stepped down a day to the elections which will be held at Ruaraka Grounds.

He was nominated as a Member of Parliament in 2017 after which he has been in an intense battle with the government.

During his resignation he was flanked by his family and there were no KNUT officials.

He recounted his achievements and said he was impressed.

“In the interest of KNUT continuity and its membership, I hereby on June 25, 2021 bow out of KNUT leadership honorably.

In statement, Sossion urged the government not to stop muzzling the teachers’ union by failing to remit statutory contributions from members.

“I trust that the government of Kenya, as I exit, because that there has been this argument that as long as Sossion stays the government will not release union dues…. I’m making this passionate appeal that the government will find it necessary to allow union dues flow to KNUT so that the leadership and workers earn a salary,” he said.

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