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Socialite Mad at her ‘Mboch’ for Drinking Expensive Whiskey

Jul 27, 2021
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Kenyan socialite Risper Faith has exposed her househelp for drinking her expensive whisky.

In a recent social media rant, Risper a mother of one regrets that she has been doing so much and believing in her househelp only for her to misbehave.

She said that her problem is not the alcohol but that she can’t live with an alcoholic.

”I take good care of you and your family, I even pay school fees for your kids and the least you can pay me with is drinking my expensive liquor.”

Risper was angry that the house help added water in the bottle without knowing she was watching her on camera.

This comes a few days after she bought her house help a new phone.

”What is wrong with these house helps? How can you drink all my whisky and add water and I can see you on the camera?. Just after I bought her a new phone,” she revealed.

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