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President Ruto’s Peace Mission Lauded By Sudan’s Sultan Dinar

Nov 20, 2023 #Kenya, #Ruto, #Sudan, #Sultan Dinar
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By Isabella Maua

Kenyan President Dr. William Samoei Ruto has been lauded for his continuous efforts and initiatives in bringing peace to the land of Sudan.

These were the sentiments of Sultan Ahmed Ali Dinar as he addressed the opening session of the Bosphorus Summit 14th edition in Istanbul on November 16th and 17th.

He vastly commended Ruto’s launch to stop the war and reach an agreement that restores security and peace to the people and Sudan.

In his speech, Sultan Dinar discussed various economic, social, cultural, scientific, and historical topics, including issues of development, resource exploitation, and the utilization of modern technology and expertise.

He highlighted the challenges faced by the African continent due to the effects of colonialism, such as environmental degradation, educational deficiencies, skill shortages, and weak infrastructure.

“There are many opportunities presented by technology, digital progress, and African integration; we call on conference attendees to focus on Africa’s renaissance and to contribute to its development for mutual benefit,” Sultan highlighted.

Sultan also praised the role of Turkey and the efforts of His Excellency the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in supporting the Sudanese people and standing by Sudan.

He, however, added, “There’s importance in developing and utilizing the vast resources of Darfur in the interest of common goals. I support cooperation in implementing the outcomes of the summit and appreciate Turkey for its leadership and historical significance.”

He also applauded the Turkish role played by President Erdogan in defending the Palestinian cause.

The speech received positive feedback from attendees who were ministers, experts, and specialists for its practical suggestions and recommendations.

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