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Optiven Named Diaspora Focused Real Estate Brand of 2024

Apr 13, 2024
Optiven Named Diaspora Focused Real Estate Brand of 2024Optiven Named Diaspora Focused Real Estate Brand of 2024
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Optiven, a leading real estate company in Kenya and abroad, has garnered recognition as the “Diaspora Focused Real Estate Brand of 2024.”

This prestigious title highlights Optiven’s dedication to serving both Kenyan residents and global citizens interested in real estate investments within Kenya.

The acknowledgment comes on the heels of Optiven Limited’s remarkable achievements, including traversing a record 83 cities and over 20 countries in 2023, leaving an indelible mark on the global real estate landscape.

The company’s commitment to excellence and innovation was further underscored by the receipt of two prestigious international awards: the One Voice Consortium for “Best Practices, Innovativeness, and Impact to the Diaspora Community” and the KEMEN Annual Awards for the “KEMEN Community Service Award.”

Dr. George Wachiuri, the founder and managing director of Optiven, expressed his gratitude during a recent media interview, attributing the awards to the company’s commitment and dedication to empowering global customers.

He highlighted Optiven’s efforts to empower clients worldwide, including the opening of a Diaspora office and continued world travel to personally present title deeds to customers.

“Our projects not only provide investment opportunities but also promote the beauty and potential of Kenya’s landscapes to a global audience,” Dr. Wachiuri emphasized.

Encouraging global citizens to invest in the Ocean View Ridge-Vipingo development, Dr. Wachiuri described it as a unique opportunity to own a piece of Kenya’s stunning coastal landscape. He reiterated Optiven’s core value of “In God We Trust,” emphasizing the company’s strong faith and integrity in business practices.

“The recognition as the ‘Diaspora Focused Real Estate Brand of 2024′ reaffirms our position as a leader in the Kenyan real estate market,” Dr. Wachiuri stated, underscoring Optiven’s commitment to innovation and inspiration both locally and internationally.

Dr. Wachiuri affirmed Optiven’s dedication to empowering investors, showcasing Kenya’s beauty, and upholding its core values while emphasizing Optiven‘s commitment to staff development and empowerment.

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