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Optiven Introduces New Phase of Go Green Na Optiven Campaign in Season 2 Launch

Optiven Introduces New Phase of Go Green Na Optiven Campaign in Season 2 LaunchOptiven Introduces New Phase of Go Green Na Optiven Campaign in Season 2 Launch
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Optiven Foundation has launched the much-anticipated season 2 of the Go Green Na Optiven campaign, dedicated to fostering awareness and actionable steps towards a cleaner and greener environment.

This initiative aligns seamlessly with the Foundation’s fourth Pillar on Environmental Protection.

In its inaugural season in 2022, Go Green Na Optiven primarily engaged corporates and companies, recognizing and awarding trophies to organizations that demonstrated exemplary commitment to Environmental Protection.

Addressing the launch remotely from Australia, Dr. George Wachiuri, Trustee and Chairman of Optiven Foundation, remarked, “Our country and Africa can achieve a clean and green environment, mirroring developed nations like Australia, where lush greenery abounds.”

He underscored that the Go Green initiative echoes the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Kenya’s national agenda of planting 15 billion trees by 2030, emphasizing Optiven’s dedication to planetary stewardship and environmental advocacy.

Dr. Wachiuri urged companies, individuals, and government entities to actively engage in initiatives aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollution.


He stressed the collective responsibility to enhance tree and forest cover, citing Optiven Real Estate’s commitment to tree planting in its gated communities, highlighting the myriad benefits of trees in the ecosystem.

Encouraging tree planting on all occasions, including birthdays and weddings, Dr. Wachiuri emphasized its pivotal role in nurturing a sustainable environment.

Optiven Foundation Manager, Ann Nyaga, expressed her enthusiasm for the launch of Go Green Na Optiven season 2, especially its collaboration with schools across all 47 counties.

This season introduces a novel approach, inviting students and communities from partner schools participating in the Education Pillar – Soaring Eagles Scholarship Program (SESP) to engage in a six-month tree planting and nurturing challenge.

In this unique challenge, Optiven Foundation will provide seedlings, while schools will be tasked with implementing sustainable tree planting programs.

Creativity will be key, with students and communities developing poems, songs, and dances centered around environmental protection and the advantages of a clean environment.

Independent judges from Optiven Foundation and its partners will evaluate the projects, assessing the level of creativity in nurturing trees.

The winning projects nationwide will be rewarded with water tanks to promote water conservation in schools, along with trophies, certificates, and cash prizes, fostering a culture of environmental conservation in schools and communities alike.

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