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New Way for Kenyans to Shop Directly From Amazon

Aug 16, 2021
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Kenyans will now be able to shop directly and cheaply from Amazon following the launch of a revolutionary platform.

Through an all-integrated product pooling platform www.pool-spot.com Kenyans will be able to shop directly from Amazon (US) and ship directly to their doorstep at very affordable prices within the shortest amount of time.

Pool Spot, announced the launch of the new website, which will require the users to register first.

“Poolspot have created a very unique platform and used the concept of pooling to reduce shipping costs significantly for people like me who purchase smaller, less bulky items regularly from Amazon,” said Adarsh Shah – Founder @ Pamona Juices Kenya.

According to the firm Pool spot works in a very unique way, that is by allowing customers to place their products in different pools ( ship and pay for the exact kg of a product)and this ensures shipping cost becomes affordable and reasonable.

The registration site features five different pools which are categorized based on the weight of the products.

Each pool has five spots available. Customer orders are processed once the pool gets filled up or five days after checkout, whichever comes first. It is also very user friendly and allows for safe transactions with a wide range of payment methods.

ww.pool-spot.com is Kenya’s most affordable, time conscious and effortless Amazon (US) shopping site.

The customer service experienced at Pool Spot is not only unique but exceptional.

The team is passionate about saving you money and putting your needs first.

Pool Spot has invited visitors to explore the new website and interact with the frequently asked questions (FAQs) to enjoy a streamlined Amazon (US) shopping experience

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