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Milton Nyakundi,”Do Not Sanitize The Mess”

Oct 27, 2021

Whistleblower and Stakeholder in the Kenyan Football Milton Nyakundi, has called on FIFA and any other people attempting to ‘sanitize’ and cover up the mess at Kandanda house to keep off.

It is purported that a three-member delegation from FIFA landed in the country yesterday to audit FKF. The identity of the three delegates is yet to be revealed and the government was not even informed about their visit.

“It is curious that a three-member delegation from FIFA arrived in the country on Tuesday to, allegedly, audit the FKF yet the same FIFA had backed the government audit of the federation. Further questions arise from the fact that the federation and FIFA itself has remained cagey on the identity of the members of the said delegation, the scope of their mission and the said visit was done without government knowledge,” said Nyakundi in a statement.

Nyakundi has claimed to be informed by reliable sources that the FIFA delegates instructed Barry Otieno-led FKF Secretariat not to hand over certain files and documents to the government inspection team.

He has called on FKF to reveal the identity of the delegates and their clear mission in the country.

“Anything short of that is enough suspicion that the said delegation is up to no good because we know that the plunder of, especially, FIFA monies has been a conspiracy involving powerful cartels at Zurich and CAF who might be out to do everything to hide their dirty hands in the embezzlement and misappropriation at Kandanda House. I dare urge the State department for Immigration to get involved should there be reason to believe that the said FIFA delegation is attempting to stop a lawful process under Kenyan law,” the statement continued.

Amina Mohamed called for investigations at the Kandanda concerning the misuse of funds. Significantly, matters to do with movement of money and in cases where it is suspected to be illicitly moved are of criminal nature under Kenyan and international law which warrant, following the judgment by Justice James Makau, forensic investigations by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

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