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Mega Growth Launches New Logo, Refreshed Afrocentric pack and new Campaign

Apr 12, 2024
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Mega Growth, known for its innovative hair care products, has unveiled a new campaign called “Goodbye Hair Breakage,” targeting women aged 25 to 45. The campaign aims to help women maintain healthy hair and prevent breakage by focusing on both external care and internal hair bonds.

At the announcement event held at the Argyle Grand Hotel, Margaret Muriithi, the Hair Care Brand Manager, emphasized that Mega Growth’s range of products is backed by research and specifically designed to strengthen African hair, protecting it from breakage.

“Our scientists have been continuously researching to understand the causes of hair breakage and develop innovative solutions,” stated Margaret during the event.

The campaign highlights products such as Relaxers, Daily Break Free leave-in strengthener, Deep Strengthening treatment, Oil, and lotion products, all tailored to strengthen African hair and prevent breakage.

The “Goodbye Hair Breakage” campaign will feature a new TV commercial and visuals to showcase Mega Growth’s functional attributes. The campaign will be promoted across various channels including trade, out-of-home advertising, salons, TV, and digital platforms.

In addition to the campaign, Mega Growth also revealed a new logo and refreshed packaging for its products. The new packaging features an Afrocentric design and aims to stand out among competitors with clear variant differentiation.

Margaret highlighted Mega Growth’s commitment to providing quality products backed by research, positioning the brand as a strong player in the hair care industry.

The new Mega Growth collection will be available for purchase in cosmetic shops, leading supermarkets, and selected salons nationwide starting mid-April 2024. The target consumers for these products are women aged 25 to 45, predominantly from urban areas and falling under socio-economic classes A, B, and C1.

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