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Makini to Introduce Junior Secondary School Grades 7, 8 in Kisumu

Nov 13, 2023
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Makini Schools has announced plans to introduce Grades 7 and 8 at its Kisumu City Campus beginning January 2024 and relocate learners from its Kibos Campus to Kisumu City.

The move comes as a result of concerns raised by parents and guardians regarding the difficult commute to the Kibos campus due to the dilapidated state of the road leading to the school.

Commenting on the decision, Regional Managing Director Horace Mpanza said,

“At Makini Schools we uphold our commitment to providing the best learning environment for our learners and to creating an enriching experience for our entire community and this includes listening and responding to the concerns of our parents and guardians.”

Grade 7 learners currently completing their academic year at Makini Schools Kibos Campus will join Grade 8 at the school’s Kisumu City Campus in January next year with seamless continuity to the learning calendar.

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Mr. Mpanza added,

“This change is also significant to our learning community at the Kisumu City Campus because it meets the needs of our Primary School parents and guardians, who will be able to have their learners remain with us through Junior Secondary School. We have made significant investment in the facilities, and we are able to accommodate our growing population of learners and teachers.”

Recent upgrades to Makini Schools’ Kisumu City Campus saw the refurbishment of existing classrooms, the construction of new classrooms, and construction of a swimming pool which is currently underway.

Parents and guardians who have their children in boarding and wish to continue in 2024 may do so. Makini Schools management has confirmed that it will provide for their daily transportation at no additional charge.

Asked what the future of the Kibos Campus is, Mr. Mpanza said,

“Makini Kibos Campus remains a Makini Schools facility, and we look forward to reopening it in the future, when improved roads will make it more easily accessible for our community.”

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