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LSK Presidential Candidate Peter Wanyama Issues Strong Warning to President Ruto Over Judiciary Attacks

Jan 11, 2024
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In a press conference flanked by top lawyers, Peter Wanyama, the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) presidential candidate, has sternly warned President William Ruto against undermining the judiciary. Wanyama, vying to replace Erick Theuri in the upcoming February elections, emphasized the importance of upholding the independence of institutions protected by the 2010 constitution.

Wanyama urged the president to follow legal procedures in addressing issues rather than launching attacks on the judiciary, emphasizing that such actions jeopardize the foundations laid out in the constitution.

The presidential hopeful outlined his vision for LSK, promising significant reforms, including creating job opportunities for unemployed lawyers and advocating for equal distribution of resources among all LSK branches. Expressing concern over the disparities in development among branches, Wanyama pledged to address these issues once in office.

In a bid to tackle corruption within the legal profession, Wanyama announced plans to collaborate with the Ministry of Land, engaging Minister Nixon Korir. He intends to work on procedures that will lead to the arrest and charging of corrupt lawyers involved in land sector deals once found guilty.

The LSK elections scheduled for February 22nd will see other candidates, including Caroline Kamene and Hurriet Njoki Mboce, vying for the position of LSK president

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