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Kenyans in Diaspora Condemn President Ruto’s Alleged Dictatorial Rule, Urge Focus on Anti-Corruption Efforts

Jan 11, 2024 #Diaspora, #News
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A group of Kenyans residing abroad, united under the banner of Justice and Equality, has criticized President William Ruto’s governing style, describing it as dictatorial. In a press statement led by Chair Sebastian Onyango, they express concern over the President’s perceived assault on independent institutions, particularly the judiciary, deeming it regressive.

The diaspora community calls on President Ruto to intensify efforts in combating widespread corruption within the Kenya Kwanza government, which they identify as a major national scandal. They caution against the President taking matters into his own hands and urge him to refrain from weakening the judiciary, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a positive public perception and discouraging any extra-judicial actions.

Expressing dismay at the current administration’s approach to fighting corruption, the diaspora group notes a lack of tangible efforts against corrupt leaders and high-ranking government officials. In response, they announce the formation of a task force tasked with monitoring and scrutinizing government officials. The task force vows to hold accountable any public servants found disobeying court orders or deviating from legal procedures, potentially leading to arrests.

This diaspora statement follows closely on the heels of the Law Society of Kenya and the Azimio coalition’s threats to stage nationwide demonstrations, citing the high cost of living and President Ruto’s alleged attacks on the judiciary as primary concerns.

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