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How Olwande, Majanja Plot to use KMJA NEC to Fight Kuto, Olwande Close Aide Spills the Beans

Sep 28, 2023 #Kenya News, #News
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The President of KMJA hon Derrick Kuto, is a man under siege, we can exclusively report.

The current Commissioner of JSC, Olwande chairs a squad, which also includes the former chairman of the war Council under Chief Justice(retired) Mutunga, prof Ngugi, now Court of Appeal Judge, stationed in Kisumu.

Also in this team is Commissioner Shikomera Majanja and Carolyn KENDAGOR.

The latter decided not to defend her seat. Many see her as heir apparent to the throne of Olwande. As such it’s easy to deploy her on the battle front. Many accuse her of doing Little in the Executive Council. She is said to spend most of her time in mediation. The Ex wife of a serving Judicial officer puts on a baby face but her heart is very dark.

The group is said to have been taken aback when news broke that KUTO has been elected unopposed. They have now pushed a Judge to claim that he did not receive nomination forms and therefore should still be allowed to vie. Unfortunately, the law does not provide for us. We have equally learned that the Judge has been on a recent foreign trip with Kuto.

Those we spoke to accuse Olwande of being very tribal. She is said to have strategically placed her Luo tribesmen and women in key areas of the Judiciary. About 5 of her siblings are employed in the Judiciary.

Olwande is said to have marshalled forces to ensure hon KUTO was not appointed a Judge in the last recruitment. They see KUTO as a stumbling block to her reelection.

Our calls to Olwande went unanswered. She didn’t respond to our messages.

We are yet to understand the venom from Ngugi, the man who downed the BBI process given that KUTO was vocal to defend him when President Uhuru had refused to appoint him among others.

Our sources are closely following these developments.

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