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HC Media opens its regional office in Nairobi

Aug 16, 2021
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UK Digital Marketing Agency HC Media opens its regional operations in Nairobi with a promise to amplify integrated digital marketing between the UK and the African Market. 

When the pandemic hit last year, the world was in panic mode on creative ways they would still run their business and interact with consumers across the world at a touch of a button only those brands that had really invested online navigated through the pandemic. 

”Digital transformation although uncomfortable is necessary for brands to thrive and compete with the pace of the modern marketplace and get instant feedback from consumers and we are here to ensure more brands understand the value from their online presence, Said Caren Obote, MD HC Media Group Africa.” 

According to Datareportal, there are 11.00 million social media users in Kenya as of January 2021, and this is an increase of 2.2 million (+25%) in 2021. The mobile penetration rate is at 96%, and 73% of Kenyans aged 15 and above have a mobile money account there has never been a more opportune time to provide outstanding experiences for customers. 

HC Media UK experienced a 40drop of clients reinvented with a new marketing strategy that offered clients training on digital marketing and this saw them grow to the point of expanding to the continent.

Working in digital marketing, we will ensure clients have clear goals for their digital presence: increased engagement, conversions, and website page views, with content that works on any device. Especially so in the African market where buyers are looking for specific products to meet the growing demand in their region. 

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