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Governor Lusaka Tells Elected Municipality Members To Stay Focused

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By Isabella Maua

Bungoma governor Kenneth Lusaka has urged the municipality board to put an end to showbiz and concentrate on providing services.

Speaking after the swearing in of board members for Bungoma and Kimilili municipalities, Lusaka stated that service delivery is their core mandate and they must dedicate their time to serving the common mwananchi.

“The old members should support the new ones to reduce the infighting and work for the common person; this is the only way to develop our towns,” advised the county boss.

Each municipality is supposed to have nine board members, but currently Bungoma has six while Kimilili has seven.

With the swearing in of three more members, Bungoma is fully constituted, while Kimilili has eight and a shortage of one, who will be recruited soon.

Among those sworn in was Moses Opicho for Kimilili municipality, a representative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The new members for Bungoma municipality include Hum Wesonga, representing professional associations; Philip Wanyonyi, representing civil society; and David Wakwabubi.

Lusaka on the other hand stated that the World Bank is very strict and has set up conditions that need to be fulfilled before releasing Sh78 million before the end of the year for the Kenya Urban Support Program.

He underscored the need to have sewerage systems, street lighting, and roads improved to spur development in the two municipalities.

Lusaka also reiterated that court cases were derailing the development of Webuye and Chwele municipalities, calling on those in court to withdraw those cases.

“We shouldn’t misuse our courts; let us reduce court cases because they are derailing development. We go to court to seek justice but not to stop development,” concluded Lusaka.

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