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Former Nairobi CEC Joins ODM in High-Stake Political Move

Feb 4, 2024 #News
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Former Nairobi County Education CEC Janet Muthoni Ouko has officially announced her affiliation with the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) during the launch of a voter registration drive in Kamkunji.

Ouko, known for her vocal criticism of the government’s policies and practices, has emerged as a prominent figure in Kenyan politics, particularly in Nairobi County.

The announcement was made at a rally presided over by ODM leader Raila Odinga, underscoring the party’s efforts to bolster its support base ahead of the upcoming elections. Odinga’s presence at the event emphasized the strategic importance of Ouko’s defection and signaled ODM’s intent to consolidate its position in Nairobi County.

Speaking at the rally, Ouko expressed her gratitude for joining ODM and pledged unwavering loyalty to the party’s principles and code of conduct.

“I am very grateful to join ODM, and I want to promise Baba that I remain loyal to the party and adhere to its code of practice,” she affirmed. Her decision to mobilize her supporters and actively encourage more women to register as party members underscores ODM’s commitment to inclusivity and grassroots engagement.

Ouko’s alignment with ODM is expected to reverberate across Nairobi’s political landscape, potentially reshaping alliances and power dynamics within the region. As a seasoned politician with a track record of advocating for social justice and accountability, her endorsement carries significant weight and could sway undecided voters in favor of ODM

Ouko’s move highlights the broader trend of politicians realigning themselves with parties that they believe align with their principles and aspirations. “I will also mobilize my supporters and ensure more women register as party members,” she asserted. In the run-up to the elections, such shifts in political allegiances are likely to intensify as parties seek to strengthen their positions and broaden their appeal to voters.

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Janet Muthoni Ouko’s decision to join ODM injects fresh momentum into the party’s campaign efforts and underscores its growing influence in Nairobi County. With voter registration underway, ODM’s ability to attract prominent figures like Ouko bodes well for its prospects in the upcoming elections.

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