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Copyright Board Issued Inaccurate information on Royalties- KAMP

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The Kenya Association of Music Producers (KAMP) has accused the Kenya Copyright Board (Kecobo) of providing misleading information to its members regarding their royalties. This dispute arises amid ongoing conflicts between Kecobo and all Collective Management Organizations (CMOs), with allegations of members being short-changed.

KAMP’s CEO Maurice Okoth and Chairperson Angela Ndambuki asserted that the information presented by Kecobo Chairman Joshua Kutuny to the media was inaccurate.

Ndambuki highlighted discrepancies in KAMP’s reported collections, stating that KAMP’s share in January amounted to over Sh11.2 million, with a distribution account of Sh6,906,690, representing 61.39%. She disputed Kecobo’s portrayal of KAMP’s position, emphasizing the inclusion of receivable royalties in their accounting principles, which affected the overall performance.

According to Kutuny, MCSK, KAMP, and PRISK collectively collected Sh249,687,212.80 in royalties, with discrepancies in the amounts declared by each organization. Kutuny noted discrepancies in MCSK’s declared revenues and criticized the conduct of CMOs.

In response, KAMP’s executives defended their actions and emphasized their commitment to transparency. They also addressed challenges faced by CMOs in Kenya, including broadcaster non-compliance and regulatory tariff reductions, while expressing their dedication to leading reforms in the sector.

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