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Bernard Wakoli Emerges as Sanitation Hero in Matungu Constituency Crisis

Mar 1, 2024 #Matungu
From Crisis to Hope: Bernard Wakoli's Leadership Shines Amidst Sanitation Challenges in Matungu
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Bernard Wakoli, the leading candidate for parliamentary representation in Matungu Constituency, has emerged as a hero amidst a looming crisis at Suwo Primary School.

Following a directive from public health officers in Kakamega County threatening the school’s closure due to appalling sanitation conditions, Wakoli swiftly intervened, ensuring the school remains open and safe for its students.

Wakoli’s recent success in completing the construction of toilets at Eshibanze Primary School has bolstered his resolve to tackle the sanitation crisis head-on.

Recognizing the critical importance of adequate sanitation facilities in schools, Wakoli has pledged to prioritize similar projects across the constituency, ensuring that every child has access to a clean and safe learning environment.

The dire state of sanitation facilities in public schools within Matungu Constituency has reached a breaking point, with Suwo Primary School being just one of the casualties.

“We have pupils with special needs who can’t comfortably use the normal latrines. Their special latrine is now a danger to them as it could sink any time after it developed huge cracks,” expressed one of the teachers, highlighting the urgent need for improved facilities.

“The pit latrines are now producing an odor, which has made learning difficult,” lamented another teacher, emphasizing the detrimental impact of poor sanitation on the educational experience. Two other schools have already been shuttered by the Department of Public Health due to insufficient toilet facilities. The plight of special needs students, unable to access suitable latrines, further underscores the urgency of addressing this pressing issue.

Wakoli did not mince words when criticizing the incumbent Member of Parliament, Peter Nabulindo, for his alleged neglect and mismanagement of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) resources.

“Nabulindo’s tenure has been marked by numerous failed projects, leaving many schools and communities in dire need of essential services. My promise of better leadership offers a glimmer of hope for residents disillusioned by the current state of affairs,” he said.

Bernard Wakoli’s swift intervention at Suwo Primary School has not only averted a crisis but also reignited hope for positive change in Matungu Constituency.

His commitment to addressing the sanitation challenges faced by schools is a testament to his dedication to the well-being of the community. As the parliamentary front runner, Wakoli’s promises of better leadership offer a beacon of optimism for residents eager for tangible improvements in their daily lives.

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