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Bars Flaunting Covid-19 Regulations to be Delicenced, Warns Warutere

Jun 15, 2021
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The health committee of Nairobi County Assembly led by their Chairman, Hon Peter Warutere of Roysambu ward today gave a report on how some restaurants and Bars have been flaunting the covid-19 regulations set by the Ministry of Health.

The report says that after they conducted their investigations especially at the Quiver lounge and Restaurant, they found that they were not operating as to what the Ministry of Health gave directions. The report says that many have gone back to their normal operation forgetting that the pandemic is there with us.

Speaking to Taarifa News, Hon Warutere said being a victim of Covid-19 he feels bad the restaurants and bars flaunting the regulations. He said that after the implementation of the report the bars need to be closed and their licenses also cancelled.

“About some three months ago we were in India and saw how people are suffering of Covid-19. It’s bad the restaurants and bars they are flaunting the regulations, the implementation has to be done and their licenses done away,” said Warutere.

Hon Warutere also added that treatment of Covid-19 is very expensive and people should not really joke about the regulations but take them with the seriousness that is required.

“You can imagine that in need of Oxygen when you need to commence the treatment of Covid-19, you need Ksh. 500,000. Not all people can afford this as it is very expensive.”

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