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Association of Music Producers Distributes Kshs.17M Royalty to its Members

Apr 6, 2024 #KAMP, #Kenya News, #News, #Trending
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The Kenya Association of Music Producers (KAMP), the body representing the rights and interests of producers of sound recordings has distributed Kshs.17,128,000 for Quarter One (1) year 2024 following approval by delegates in a special general meeting in Nairobi. The royalties to distributed will take a hybrid form consisting a blend of general and scientific distribution where the bulk Kshs. 9.075 million will be general to all members and Kshs. 8.05M million as scientific.

Speaking during the special general meeting KAMP Chairperson Angela Ndambuki said the amounts distributed represent 61.59% of the CMO’s income before receivables while in consideration of receivables the figure would shoot to 74.61% against income for the period.

“We are declaring kes 17,128,000/- as our Quarter distribution and all to be paid at once at a click of a button. The distribution we are declaring is from collections in Quarter 1 of Kshs. 27,809,675.77/- which is 21.12% of our share from Kshs. 131, 674,601.20/- collected by KAMP-PRISK-MCSK from January to March 2024. This is reflective of a cumulative performance of 61% for the quarter ie 61% distribution and 39% expenses,” Ndambuki said.

Ndambuki adds that the figures prove that KAMP is by far the most efficiently run CMO in Kenya, despite KAMP receiving the lowest revenue share at just 21.12 %. Figures that she says KAMP will table while lobbying to be the one CMO administering all rights in the creative economy as is being proposed in the amendments of the Copyright Act proposals that have been tabled in parliament and which are at an advanced stage. To this end the special general meeting approved amendments to the KAMP memorandum and articles of association of the relevant clauses that will enable the CMO to be compliant with the law. During the amendment the delegates adopted a new name for the CMO in anticipation it will be awarded the overall CMO status following the collapse of KAMP, PRISK and MCSK into one entity, and to also include film rights in the audio visual sector, reprographic rights for book publishers and all other rights applicable.

“It is our firm belief that KAMP would be best suited to be the one CMO mainly because of our operational efficiency, our transparency, our accountability and our good governance.”

While acknowledging that this may be KAMP’s last general meeting as an entity Ndambuki said the board agreed with the collapse of the various CMOs as a way to reduce costs so that more royalties are distributed to members.

In the meantime KAMP says it has applied for an extension of its collection license which is valid until May 2024. The next major distribution per KAMP’s calendar is slated for October 2024 and this is for Broadcast royalties which will be distributed 100% scientifically

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