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“Take Charge to Save Education Sector”-President Ruto Urged

Dec 15, 2022
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A section of teachers has realized concerns over understaffing in some schools and have called on the President to act swiftly and save the situation in the education sector.

Speaking to Taarifa News, TCHPA Joel Shunza Gital who is a deputy Principal of St. Stephens Bujwanga, in Busia County stated things are falling apart and kids are suffering from the understaffing.

“We are worried about what’s happening at the Ministry of Education. The President and the Prime Cabinet Secretary need to take charge. They are best placed to provide directional,” Gitali stated.

He stated that the implementation of the new curriculum was a hurry as now more teachers are required and even more classrooms are being built.

“Everything is falling apart. Why should we have serious understaffing in some schools? Why? A Primary school with over 1000 learners with only one TSC teacher! A high school that requires 55 teachers has only 20! What are we doing to this country? To Our kids? We hurry to change the curriculum so that more teachers and classrooms are needed when we are unable to,” he added.

Gitali has called on the Parliament o ensure proper policies and laws are brought to govern the education sector and not interfere with institutions.

He urged them to ensure the Teachers Service Commission is devolved and made part of CDF.

“The parliament should legislate and ensure that we have proper laws and policies governing Education in the country. It should provide oversight so that implementation is well done. But Members of Parliament should not interfere with the functioning of educational institutions. TSC is not devolved. It’s not part of CDF. Why should MPs take part in its functions of hiring teachers? This is serious mischievous political interference,” he stated.

“Unless the President, personally, oversees what’s happening in the education sector, this country will sink in all sectors. This is a very crucial sector. Keep politics of division and tribalism away from the ministry of education,” he added.

MPs are talking of ensuring that only teachers from their areas are considered in the coming TSC recruitments.

This comes a few days after the president insisted on Jamhuri day that Junior Secondary Schools will be domiciled in the Primary Section.

The Teachers Service Commission had also last week indicated that they will hire additional teachers to primary schools.

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