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Socialite who was Dumped Last Week out to Prove a Point

Jul 26, 2021
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Jimal and Amira in Love like never Before, after kicking out Amber Ray.

Renowned businessman Jimal Marlow and his wife Amira are now living happily ever after they kicked out socialite Amber Ray from their family.

Their romance has been rekindled after socialite Amber Ray was successfully eliminated from the Marlow’s family.

In a video posted online by Amira, They’re all in smiles with Jamal serenading her.

In the background, the Chaguo la Moyo song by Sanaipei Tande and Otile Brown is playing, as Jamal sings along to it.

Both of them are all smiles, swinging in slow motions while they enjoy the song.

Socialite Amber Ray, Jamal’s Ex-wife.

The socialite is struggling to get in to terms with the fact that she is no longer Jimal Marlow’s second wife.

On Friday,she confirmed that she has broken up with the renowned businessman.

Since confirming the break-up, Amber has been proving to her social media fans that she is strong enough, not to be knocked down by a heartbreak.

The mother of one had a tattoo on her back written Marlow, which she says, is going to be replaced with something else.

Jamal himself deactivated his Instagram account saying he would take a break to concentrate on his family.

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