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Senate Majority Leader Advises Duale On Equitability In Defence Forces Recruitment

Apr 4, 2024 #Kenya Kwanza, #Mt Elgon
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By Isabella Maua

Leader of Majority in the Senate, Aaron Cheruiyot has advised Defense Cabinet Secretary Aden Duale to consider equitability as opposed to equity in the recruitment exercise of defence force officers.

Speaking during a fund drive at Moi Kapatama Girls High School in Mt. Elgon, Cheruiyot observed that the Sabaot community, which is among the marginalized tribes in Kenya, ought to have more slots in the defense teams in Kenya.

“We remember the period when Sabaot Land Defense Force was up in arms and Mt. Elgon was a warzone. There is no doubt that the men of this community are courageous, and if given the opportunity to defend our country, they can do it best,” noted Cheruiyot.

Duale, in his response, assured the Sabaot community that they would be given priority since Kenya Kwanza is a government that delivers its pledges.

“Bungoma County was a very critical region for the win of President Ruto, and it is obvious the Sabaots voted in block to ensure we are the government today; we shall ensure you enjoy the fruits of Kenya Kwanza,” affirmed Duale.

Bungoma County Governor Kenneth Lusaka, on his part, criticized opposition parties that are always pointing fingers at the Kenya Kwanza administration, saying that they ought to give credit where deserved.

“We are working at all levels, from MCAs at the grassroots to the president at the helm, and it’s evident by the stabilizing dollar, reduced fuel, and affordable food prices,” noted Lusaka.

Mt. Elgon MP Fred Kapondi called for unity among the leaders, calling out retired civil servants who are at the forefront of dividing the Sabaot community.

“We are not marginalized, as some of the retirees are trying to propagate; President Ruto has given us many top seats, and we are grateful; they should stop complaining,” he reiterated.

He further challenged the appointed and elected leaders not to run away from their rural home but rather to develop it so as to improve people’s lives within the region.

The fundraiser, which was aimed at constructing a modern dining hall and dormitory, was attended by Farouk Kibet from the president’s office, Kimilili MP Didimus Barasa, PS Health Harry Kimtai, and other top leaders in the region.

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