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Plastic Bag Ban Enforcement Crisis: NEMA Urged to Take Concrete Action

Apr 9, 2024
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In recent years, Kenya has made notable progress in environmental conservation, exemplified by initiatives such as the ban on plastic bags, which reflects our dedication to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

However, amidst these commendable efforts, a glaring inconsistency persists: the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) fails to effectively enforce its own regulations.

The 2017 plastic bag ban was hailed as a significant step in tackling solid waste issues in our nation. As a concerned miller, I am deeply troubled by NEMA’s lack of action in addressing violations of the plastic bag policy.

Despite the ban, some millers blatantly flout the law, posing risks to our ecosystem and public health. What’s even more troubling is the apparent involvement of certain NEMA officials in overlooking these violations for personal gain.

Reports of corruption within NEMA cast doubt on the agency’s commitment to its mandate of protecting our environment.

Despite NEMA’s warnings issued in November 2023 to manufacturers and importers regarding the illegal use of plastic bags, non-compliance persists. It is imperative for NEMA to break this cycle of negligence and hypocrisy. Mere warnings are insufficient; concrete actions are necessary to hold violators accountable. The law is clear, and those who violate it must face consequences.

The repercussions of NEMA’s inaction are severe and widespread. While we strive for sustainability, our competitors exploit loopholes in regulations, flooding the market with cheap, plastic-packaged products.

Furthermore, there is a stark pricing disparity between products packaged in plastic and those complying with the ban.

Despite the higher costs of non-plastic packaging, some millers cling to plastic bags solely for increased profit margins.

Meanwhile, those of us committed to sustainable practices find ourselves marginalized, struggling to compete in a market where price often outweighs principles.

It is an injustice that while honest millers suffer, lawbreakers thrive with impunity.

Reports of substandard products flooding the market go unaddressed, as NEMA turns a blind eye to those abiding by the rules. This imbalance undermines fairness and justice, favoring the unscrupulous few.

Even supermarkets, expected to uphold corporate responsibility, are complicit by ignoring the origins of the products they sell.

Despite NEMA’s warnings, millers persist in using plastic bags, emboldened by the lack of enforcement.

It’s time for NEMA to enforce the law impartially, ensuring that those responsible for environmental harm face consequences. The livelihoods of honest businesses, the well-being of our communities, and the integrity of our environmental laws are at stake.

The plastic bag ban was not just a policy; it was a promise for a cleaner future.

NEMA, entrusted with safeguarding our environment, must fulfill its duty. It’s disheartening to see the agency neglecting its responsibilities, especially regarding such a crucial issue as the plastic bag ban.

The time for NEMA to end this cycle of negligence and hypocrisy is now. Honest, law-abiding millers are counting on it.

NEMA must rigorously enforce the plastic bag ban, hold violators accountable, and ensure supermarkets refrain from stocking non-compliant products.

The law is clear, and it’s time for everyone to abide by it. NEMA, the time for action is now.

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