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Gema communities now endorse Kalonzo for President in 2027

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By Fred Maingi

The Kikuyu community has endorsed Wiper party leader H. E. Dr Kalonzo Stephen Kalonzo as their favorite choice for the Presidency seat come 2027.
During a well attended meeting that was graced by both Kikuyu and Kamba council of Elders in Ruaka, Kiambu, Kalonzo said he was ready for the challenge.

Former Ambassador Ngovi Kitau representing the Kamba community said nothing will stop them from supporting the Wiper leader.

“We ave been used for so long but this time we shall rally behind our Wiper leader , He is a clean, untainted and transparent leader to trust, we are happy we ave teamed up with Gema communities to take a similar path to endorse Hon. Kalonzo” observed the former Ambassador.

The Wiper leader who was given a befitting Gema cultural endorsement issued a tongue – lashing speech dismissing the Kenya Kwanza Government as deceitful and full of patholical liars.

He urged the Govt to solve the medical sector crisis by paying them their dues.
The Wiper leader urged Kenyans to be wise in 2027 by electing transparent leaders who will drive the country out of the current bondage of high taxation.

Wiper leader H. E. Dr Kalonzo Musyoka address both the Kamba community and Gikuyu council of Elders at Ruaka, Kiambu where they endorsed the Wiper leader as their favorite presidential candidate come 2027 . Standing with black hat is Kamba representative and former Ambassador Ngovi Kitau

“We ave lost many innocent patients due to the current medical doctors and Interns strike, we have a Govt that does not care” noted Hon. Kalonzo amid thunderous cheers.

“God’s willing, added Kalonzo, if Azimio takes over in 2027, we shall not abandon any patient or any suffering community , we shall do away with this exorbitant high taxation that has reduced many Kenyans as beggars. They ave promoted a culture of lies and denial including the fake fertilizer that has never happened in our country “

He praised former President, the late Mwai Kibaki for the Thika road Super Highway which is a model in the region and above all, giving Kenyans a new constitution.

The Wiper leader lauded the new Gema movement that will include the Kamba community adding that it will forster unity and steer further unity and cohesion among the Meru, Gikuyu, Embu and Kamba communities.

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