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Eaton introduces 5E Gen 2 UPS in Kenya

Oct 19, 2023
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Power management company Eaton has launched the Gen2 version of essential line interactive UPS 5E in Kenya.  

5E Gen 2 is an affordable and reliable power protection solution for the most essential applications in both residential and professional settings, ensuring reliable connectivity even at the most critical moments.

The compact and reliable solution now covers a wider range of ratings (550 – 2200VA), operating even more silently for a better customer experience. 5E Gen 2 is also a champion of global compatibility coupled with high-quality standards.

The wide product range covers the power requirements of many IT devices providing perfect protection for computers, workstations and peripherals.

This UPS is also a sustainable solution due to reduced power consumption, regulating grid fluctuations and saving battery life for an actual outage.

Commenting on this, Parag Mendiratta, Regional Manager, Eaton Electric East Africa said, ‘’ Eaton’s 5E Gen2 UPS is well suited for the market and provides a suitable shield against power outages and grid fluctuations.

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Kenya is a highly industrial and digital market, which calls for uninterrupted access to power in our industrial and residential spaces.

To meet the need for a seamless flow of activities in our businesses and homes, we’re excited to deliver a UPS that integrates automatically into most common operating systems, providing an effortless connection with any equipment.

The UPS is designed with the user in mind and incorporates a silent fanless design which allows users to progress with their work/leisure with minimal distractions in residential settings.’’

Equipped with double-boost line interactive topology (AVR), the 5E Gen2 UPS has a wider input voltage window which helps to save battery power in the event of a power outage. Further, the 5E Gen2 batteries are permanently recharged (even when off) with users having the ability to analyze and control power usage with the Eaton UPS Companion software.

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