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Bungoma Leaders Challenged To Keep Off Retrogressive Politics

Apr 12, 2024
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By Isabella Maua

Bungoma County leaders have been challenged to keep off cheap politics and embrace unity in the quest to uphold their manifestos and pursue development.

While addressing mourners during the funeral service of the late Chief Juma Berenge at Chesito in Mt. Elgon, Bungoma County Deputy Governor Janepher Mbatiany called out leaders who keep pointing fingers at the current administration instead of putting their heads together for the benefit of the local mwananchi.

“Most of the leaders who are not action-oriented thrive in criticizing the current government, and most recently, former governor Wangamati has been at the forefront, claiming that we are launching his projects yet he had not completed them and we cannot leave them pending,” noted Mbatiany.

She also discouraged elected leaders from engaging in divisive, retrogressive politics and focus on improving the living standards of the voters who trusted in them during the campaign period.

On the other hand, John Shikuku, an education enthusiast and politician, called upon leaders from the Kenya Kwanza administration to cease playing mind games with the Sabaot community of Mt. Elgon and award them their loyalty as they politically deserve.

“I’m a life member of Ford Kenya, but I can state without fear of contradiction that our party leader, Moses Wetangula, hasn’t been just to the Sabaots; we haven’t been appointed to any top positions despite our commitment to the party,” Shikuku bemoaned.

He also cited lack of strong political muscles among the marginalized Sabaot community, which he highlighted now needs to form its own political part or never taste a share of the national cake.

“UDA is the leading party in this region, but needless to say, not even the road that the president himself promised to work on has never been touched; we need our own party, and that is the only door to liberation,” he cited.

His sentiments were echoed by Moses Sichei, former Tourism Chief Officer, who warned political leaders who are waiting to seek votes in the 2017 general elections, whereas they are not currently supporting any progressive projects in the community.

The gender adviser at the office of the governor, Jemimah Pkomu, also emphasized the need for respect among political leaders, whether elected or nominated, adding that leadership is God-given and seasonal.

“We should serve a common goal as leaders, all for the benefit of our voters regardless of our political divide, and that’s the only way to develop our homeland,” she reiterated.

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