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Agilitee announces its first-ever delivery drone- Maria

Apr 23, 2024
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Africa’s largest EV Maker, Agilitee, today announced the launch of its first ever delivery drone named Maria.

Agilitee will officially launch Maria on 9 September 2024, and the company will select one customer in each of the following African countries to launch the pilot project, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The drone will also be piloted in four states in the United States of America. Agilitee has decided to take the delivery service game to another level by building Africa’s first delivery drone

Delivery Drones are much less expensive for operators compared to conventional freight and delivery services.

Most drone designs are electric-powered, allowing operators to save on fuel costs, and as automation increases, personnel needs will correspondingly decrease.

“Through Maria, we will be giving our clients access to the fastest delivery method in the history of delivery services in Africa. Flying Maria means we bypass traffic congestion, and our pharmaceutical and hospital clients will be able to save more lives faster than before as Maria will be able to deliver from first aid kits to medication,” said Founder & CEO of Agilitee Mandla Lamba.

He added that the restaurants will also benefit from the ability to reduce the delivery time by more than 60 percent.

“At Agilitee, we are driven by innovation and the kind of creativity that solves problems for our people. We are very excited, mostly for Africa,” he concluded.

For much of their history, drones have primarily been used for military, law enforcement, and media purposes. In the last few years, however, companies such as Amazon and Google have begun developing aerial drones intended for use in both consumer package delivery and high-priority logistics and freight deliveries, such as quickly moving supplies between medical facilities.

Agilitee has been working on three aerial delivery drones for the past three years, and finally, its first drone is now ready for launch. Agilitee is the very first electric vehicle manufacturer in the world to develop a delivery drone, which really proves the commitment the giant has for reducing carbon emissions and building a carbon free society.

Agilitee is targeting restaurant chains for fast food delivery and laboratories to assist with speedy delivery of lab test results, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies to also assist with the delivery of prescription medication. The full specifications of the drone Maria will be announced in due time, way ahead of the launch date in September.

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