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Zari Makes Shocking Revelations About Her Ex-Boyfriend

Aug 31, 2021
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Socialite Zari Hassan has attacked one of his boyfriends for allegedly choosing for her the type of life to live.

According to Zari, this ex who remains anonymous was one of those guys who like controlling women; in that he wanted to go as far as chose the friends she should hang out with.

The mother of five didn’t leave a lot of clues for us to figure out the particular man but she termed him as an insecure person.

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While enjoying a night out with friends, the boss lady said that her friends bring out the best in her that the boyfriend could not.

“Once dated a nigga who didn’t like my friends. Lol see they bring out the weird side of apology….that you couldn’t do smh,” wrote Zari.

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Zari has left fans thinking where the ex she is talking about is her Nigerian boyfriend Dark Stallion, her baby daddy Diamond or her late husband Ssemwanga.

However a lot of fans are claiming that the ex is Dark Stallion because they two have been having a rough time in their relationship.

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