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Zari and Hamisa Heap Praises on Diamond

Jun 29, 2021
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Hours after it was confirmed Diamond was not a winner in the BET awards, many people have come out to give moral support to him.

Among the many, includes his Baby Mama’s Zari and Hamisa.

Ever since he had been nominated in the Best Act Category, Zari had been campaigning for him.

In an exclusive interview, Zari said Diamond is a star working on music all over Africa. Although he didn’t clinch to the award Zari still said…”Still a winner 👏,” Zari wrote on Diamond’s timeline.

Hamisa Mobetu on the other hand though she didn’t mention Diamond’s name she said, as long as Diamond has good intentions with the award he will always be a winner.

“When you move with love and genuine intentions, you will always win. ALways,” Hamisa said in an Instagram post.

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