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‘You’re the reason we lost’ Man United Fans vent anger on….

May 27, 2021
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Fans of Manchester United have not been happy after their defeat by Villarreal that saw tha Laliga team crowned as the Europa League Champions.

It was all well until David De Gea failed to score his penalty as the opposite goalkeeper saved the kick sending Villarreal fans into a pandemonium. For this Ole Gunnar had a reality check that his squad is not yet good enough to compete for major trophies and he has a long way to go.

Ole Gunnar made numerous decisions that seem to have costed United. The main was when he refused to put the Subs in the extra time and it just handed all the momentum to the Spanish side.

We always have seen team managers making choices of changing the goalkeeper to boost the chances in the Penalty chances and this suggests Solskajaer should have done the same.

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