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Women MCAs Call for Action Against Rising Child Abduction Cases

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Nairobi City County women Caucus has called on the national and county government to act fast and contain the rising cases of abductions and robbery the city.

The Women legislatures pointed out that there has been an increase in the rate of insecurity which has caused panic among the residents.

Led by Hon Doris Kanario the chair of the caucus in the assembly the MCAs called on the recently formed anti-mugging unit to contain the daylight robbery incidences happening in the city.

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“Cases of mugging kidnapping pickpocketing and domestic violence and petty offenses have been on the rise. We hope that the anti-mugging squad that was recently formed will smug out these thieves in this city,” said Kanario.

 Over the past few weeks Zimmerman has been on the spotlight following the disappearance of over 10 children in one month.

Early this week Police formed and gave ‘special’ resources to a special squad to investigate and solve cases of abductions which have now been termed a threat to national security.

“We want the Government to take charge of the lapse in insecurity before the situation goes out of hand. We pray to God for the safe return of those missing and peace to the families of the affected,” added Kanario.

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The Women MCAs now say that rising abduction cases have forced some parents to hold back their children at home due to fear.

 “Everyday there is a case of a disappearance of children and adults. We know that several families are in pain while searching for their loved ones while it has caused fear to the residents. We have heard of school going children who have gone missing on their way to school or on their way back home while others people disappear while going on with their day to day work/businesses.  Some parents might even withdraw children from school out of fear something might happen to them. Worse still the trauma that comes to the victims once found and those around them,” said Elizabeth Nyambura secretary of the caucus

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