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“Who is Dead?” Dj Evolve Dispells Death Rumor

Jun 9, 2021
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Yesterday the news of Dj Evolve’s death spread like wild fire. Dj Evolve has been bedridden since January last year after he was shot by Babu Owino on Club B Nairobi.

His family came out and rubbished the death claims as fake. Evolve who is bedridden in a video which has gone viral is seen to be jovial and upbeat.

His younger brother who takes care of him in the video says;” Hello. To everyone saying DJ Evolve is dead. This is real-time…” turning the camera to show DJ Evolve. In a lower voice Dj Evolve asks, “who is dead?”

John Orinda his father, yesterday told Taarifa News: “Whatever I’m hearing is not right, it is not true. I was shocked to hear such reports.

When we wake up every morning, the first thing is to check on our son, for now, he is fairing on well.

Adding, “Everyone should just pray for him, because you have said you love him, pray for him to heal. Right now, your prayers are working. He is able to sit on his own for about one hour, then he is put back to sleep.

He can even seat on a chair for 8 hours. Let’s just pray for him, he was in a bad state, but now he is doing well.”

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