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What Mwenda Thuranira says he will deliver once elected

Jun 22, 2022

A philanthropist, an entrepreneur, an investor and a Politian, Hon. Mwenda Thuranira, has said he will tremendously transform Isiolo North once elected into office come August 9th.

Thuranira who recently unveiled his manifesto has held rallies in Maili Tatu, Isiolo town, Mukuu, Kasarani Market and Moti Plaza respectively.

The philanthropist has also been officially endorsed by the Nchuri Ncheke.

Cattle Rustling

He expresses that his manifesto will address the concerns and grievances the citizens of Isiolo continue to raise daily.

Mwenda highlights the constant conflicts that arise and lead to disunity in the community promising that monthly all leaders of different communities and elders will have barazas to resolve the long existing conflicts when voted into parliament.

He points out that areas with conflicting issues will settle their disputes finally. He praises the power of communication amongst people and assures them that Isiolo is home to all families thus the need to respect and live harmonious together.


In matters of business, Mwenda reveals that most of the citizens living in Isiolo are pastoralists and that the major conflicting factor being cattle. He has showed interest in prioritizing development in the pastoralism sector by explaining how meat can be processed, packaged, and exported around the world. Mwenda says that this plan will keep off brokers from invading into the market and pastoralists will be able to make good profit from their businesses.


On education, henotifies the citizens about the student management systems that his team has developed. This system will ensure that bursary infringement is evaded by having bursaries go direct to school accounts.

Mwenda urges all people to be united to experience immense infrastructural development in Isiolo. He also champions the desire he has for change with his slogan “Mambofresh” emphasizing that he has advocated for empowerment and the creation of opportunities to citizens by sponsoring students, buying school uniforms, and taking youths to Karumo college for further studies.

Security and Distribution of resources

Mwenda assures citizens of regional security and cohesion during his campaign. He advocats for equitable distribution of resources in Isiolo a factor he says to have been neglected for a very long time.

He ensures citizens that he would accomplish all his manifestos to the end.

Hon. Muthaura kiome the former MP of Isiolo North urges citizens to vote for Mwenda during the rallies held. He said that his values, character and heart to help people is true definition of leadership.

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