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Watu Credit Continues Commitment to Bodaboda Safety Beyond Customer Service Week

Oct 13, 2023
Watu Credit Continues Commitment to Bodaboda Safety Beyond Customer Service Week
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Over 1,250 bodaboda riders have received free oil changes in an initiative by Watu Credit to mark the annual customer service week. The asset financing company targeted riders in Nairobi, Kisumu, Bungoma and Mombasa in a bid to promote safety for riders through road-safe vehicles.


During the week-long clinic, Watu has celebrated its loyal customers by offering them the free service and also using the opportunity to discuss safety issues as well as educating them on the opportunities that electric motorbikes are presenting to the sector.


Mr Erick Massawe, the Kenya Country Manager at Watu said: “We are also using this opportunity to educate boda boda riders who are our customers about safety on the road, which extends beyond their riding behaviour to their health and road worthiness of their motorbikes. We are promoting the importance of regular motorbike maintenance for safe riding.”


When they go for the free service, boda riders are receiving the opportunity to test drive E-bikes and get their questions on the bikes answered. The company is using the opportunity to educate boda riders on electric motorbikes as an affordable, efficient and innovative alternative to fuel-powered motorbikes.


“In collaboration with our partners, we are providing a platform where they can come to ask questions about how electric motorbikes work, clear some of the common misconceptions and let them test drive the bikes within our facility,” said Andrii Volokha, East Africa General Manager, Watu.


Beyond Customer Service Week, the company supports streamlining of the bodaboda sector through the Tujenge Msingi programme, where riders are taught road safety to reduce the number of fatalities on the road. Through the programme, Watu partners with the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) to train riders on safe riding practices, and encourages good health through free medical check-ups and the safety of their motorbikes by encouraging regular check-ups.


In addition, through Watu Shule, the first driving school that offers financing in Kenya, the riders are taught how to use the road safely. Watu Shule is accessible for a fee as low as 300 shillings a week and is currently available in Nairobi and Mombasa, with ongoing plans to expand it.


Customer Service Week (CSW) is an international celebration of the importance of customer service and of the people who serve and support customers on a daily basis. It is also an opportunity to appreciate the external customers. This year’s global theme is Team Service and the Kenyan theme is ‘Driving CX Agility’.


Watu promotes financial inclusion and economic empowerment for entrepreneurs by availing easy access to financing without collateral or bank statements, closing a gap due to conditions required in mainstream financing. 


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