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Vera Sidika Says She has the Smoothest Pregnant Journey.

Jun 17, 2021
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On Wednesday evening Socialite Vera Sidika announced that she is Pregnant. The socialite who recently got married to Singer Brown Mauzo announced her pregnancy on her Instagram page after keeping her fans waiting on what she referred as The big announcement.

“16.06.2021. An adventure is about to begin. I love you so much my Husband Brown Mauzo.”
She revealed she has been the smoothest and stress free.

“No morning sickness, no symptoms pregnancy. God is good. I cook, eat everything, can jump, run maybe even somersault. No nothing,” she said.

“Not even a slight headache or nausea. The only symptom I had is a missed period. Sometimes I would be super amazed that we would go for ultrasounds with bae just to see our baby and make sure he/she is good.”

“You are my big break and I am happy and super proud to walk with you on this journey. I love you as much as the human heart can love.”

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