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Vera Angry at Kenyans For Revealing ‘Details’ of pregnancy

Jun 29, 2021
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Ever since Vera Sidika revealed her pregnancy to the public, many people have come up with theories saying that the socialite stage-managed the whole thing.

Many claim that she could be having the pregnancy through a surrogate mother.

They say her belly is not protruding as most women’s does and she doesn’t show any pregnancy signs.

Fed up with all the uncertainty among the public the socialite announced that the surrogate carrying the child for her should come out so that she could pay her.

She added that she cannot trust another woman with her child as surrogacy is a lot of work.

“If you are my surrogate as claim suggest. I permit you to step out with supporting documents. Willing to pay upfront 5 million Kenya shillings. If you can concretely prove you are carrying the baby on my behalf… Yeah am feeling a little generous today,” Vera said.

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