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Umoja Summit Party Set To Unveil Its Presidential Candidate on Saturday During NDC

Mar 18, 2022
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Umoja Summit Party will on Saturday 19th March 2022, hold its National Delegates Confrence (NDC) where the Party will officially unveil its Presidential Candidate in the forthcoming General Election slated for August this year.

Addressing the Media on Friday, the Party’s National Chairperson Matano Heri Chengo said the party which was formed to ensure  that the marginalized persons in the country get a platform to be felt and heard in politics also seeks to ensure that the youth, women, people living with disabilities are represented not only in politics but also their views are catered for in government.

His remarks were echoed by the Party’s National Secretary General Naomi Sidi who said thatt it was time for new ideologies to be incorporated in the country’s politics arguing that Umoja Summit Party was the only vehicle through which new ideas in politics will be achieved.

‘We want to change the political narrative in the country. We are not going to be seen on top of vehicles like it has been the norm in our politics. We are going to engage people directly in indoor forums where we will articulate our ideologies to them unlike our competitors,’ Ms Sidi said.

The Party’s Youth and Women Affairs representative Rebecca Moraa Chilo said the party will bring an end to youth and women marginalization in politics. She called on the populous youth and women in the country to join the Party saying it is set to break political barriers.

‘We are going to change our politics and make the political scene youthful. We  are going to articulate our ideologies not by shouting our manifestos to people but by sitting them down and calmly telling them what we stand for,’ Ms Moraa said.

The party also condemned the manner in which the government acted on Boda Boda menace in the country saying that the nationwide crackdown imposed on all operators was unwarranted and uncalled for.

‘The government of the day acted immorally. We could have acted differently. They could have looked for the culprits but not banning operations across the country. We  are going to make Boda Boda business legal in the country when we take the reigns of power,’ Chengo said.

On Party nominations, the party said it will give free tickets to Persons Living With Disabilities and Women while others were encouraged to visit the party’s office to see how they can get a ticket.

The party will field candidates right from MCAs to the Presidency in the forthcoming general polls.

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