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Thuo Mathenge’s TND Party Embraces New Identity for a Promising Future

Jan 28, 2024
Thuo Mathenge’s TND Party Embraces New Identity for a Promising FutureThuo Mathenge’s TND Party Embraces New Identity for a Promising Future
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Billionaire Thuo Mathenge’s party the new democrats (TND) has rebranded with a sole aim of uniting the Kikuyu land nation ahead of 2027 general election.

The party convened on Saturday at Bantu Africa, bringing together delegates from Mount Kenya counties for a strategic meeting aimed at charting the course for the future.

Thuo Mathenge, the National Chairman of the party, unveiled the singular purpose behind the rebranding effort—to unite the people of Mount Kenya and empower them to assertively pursue their collective interests.

In a symbolic transition, the party’s emblem shifted from a bridge to a hen and egg, a representation of Thuo Mathenge’s well-known name, Wanguku.

Mathenge highlighted that the presence of an egg signifies the continuity of life, and therefore, supporting it fully is crucial.

He stated, “We have rebranded, and by changing our symbols, we ensure that the continuity of life and proper leadership through TND will enhance growth and development.”

The event witnessed a notable development as five key officials from the KANU party joined TND, expressing their commitment to strategically market the party across the county through effective mobilization.

The defectors, including John Ngure Gathungu (chairman), Francis Hinga (vice-chairman), Moses Waweru Mugo (Secretary General), Jane Muthee (women leader), and Jane Thara (chairperson Gichugu), pledged their support to TND’s vision.

Moses Waweru Mugo, formerly the Secretary General of Kanu in Kirinyaga, rationalized his defection by emphasizing that it was a thoughtfully deliberated decision.

He committed to disseminating the party’s ideology extensively within Kirinyaga County, actively mobilizing former Kanu members to endorse and champion the agenda of TND.

John Ngure Gathungu, the departing chairman of Kanu in Kirinyaga, conveyed his assurance in the New Democrats Party as the favored option for the Mount Kenya region.

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