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Three Cocktails of Captain Morgan to enjoy this season

Dec 11, 2023
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Captain Morgan, East Africa Breweries Limited (EABL’s) leading rum brand cocktails are easy to make even at home.

Captain Morgan has the vanilla test, and this makes it easy to make a cocktail with it.

You can have ginger, lemonade, and cola pairing with Captain Morgan.

You can try so many things with it because it can mix with any ingredients and make the best taste.
The three cocktails that can be made on Captain Morgan:
Captain Morgan and Cola: This has been there before and is the easiest to make. It is the bold one and is mostly recommended for gentlemen.
Captain Morgan and lemonade: The cocktail is tangy and by mixing vanilla with it you feel the tanginess in your tongue while taking it.
Captain Morgan lemonade is simple to make as you use the captain Morgan and the lemonade.
You can use the lime cordial from the supermarket near you.

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The cocktail contains Captain Morgan, a little bit of lime, and then too up with crest or bitter lemon to give the tangy test.

Captain and Ginger: It contains 6ml of Captain Morgan and ginger syrup which makes it the best.
You can also add a little like to blend with the ginger.

Recently, EABL launched the ‘Spice on’ campaign to create unforgettable experience for Captain Morgan consumers, unlike anything seen this year.

The new Captain Morgan pack design will showcase the quality, flavour, and spice of the rum.

With a refreshed version of the iconic Captain symbol, it will retain its recognizability while highlighting the liquid as the true hero.

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