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Texplast Eco-Friendly Plastic Manufacturing Solutions

Jan 22, 2024
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In today’s era, where environmental consciousness takes precedence in Kenya’s industries, Texplast distinguishes itself as a recycling plant dedicated to eco-friendly solutions, particularly in producing plastic bags for Carrefour. This aligns with the recently enacted Nairobi Declaration, specifically clause 8, which underscores the enhancement of waste management controls by establishing robust national policies, legislation, and vigilant enforcement.

 These measures encompass obligations for producers and traders, along with the implementation of take-back and recycling programs with defined targets. Texplast serves as an exemplary case, showcasing a strong commitment to innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility.

Following the 2017 ban on single-use plastic bags in the country, Texplast achieved a significant milestone by collaborating with Carrefour to create an eco-friendly woven plastic bag. This joint effort highlights a shared dedication to reducing the environmental impact of plastic usage in the retail sector, a model subsequently adopted by other supermarkets and stores in the country.

Texplast utilizes cutting-edge machinery that surpasses conventional recycling methods, ensuring zero waste during the manufacturing process. This advanced technology aligns with a sustainable vision, minimizing environmental harm. “We are continually refining the shopping bags to make them more sustainable, and accessible to the shoppers.” Said Mr. Mihir

To champion sustainability, Texplast employs a distinctive approach to raw material sourcing, acquiring materials from diverse sources such as dumpsites, factories, and third-party suppliers like garbage collection companies and street kids. This unconventional strategy supports recycling while addressing social issues by providing opportunities to those in need.

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With a diverse and inclusive workforce of 1400 employees, Texplast has made notable strides toward achieving a balanced gender distribution, currently standing at 53% male and 47% female. This commitment to reaching a 50-50 gender balance exemplifies dedication to workplace equality.

In an exciting development, Texplast is gearing up for a significant expansion. The new, larger, and more advanced facility will be able to recycle an impressive 20 tonnes of trash daily. This expansion signifies a substantial leap in enhancing waste management capabilities, contributing to environmental sustainability, and increasing employment in the community.

Beyond business success, Mr. Mihir, the owner of Texplast, integrates philanthropy into the company’s ethos. Demonstrating a deep sense of social responsibility, Mr. Mihir actively gives back to society by providing meals to street kids who bring him trash daily. This heartwarming initiative not only aids those in need but also highlights the transformative power of businesses in creating positive social change.

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In conclusion, Texplast stands as an inspiring model for environmentally conscious manufacturing practices. Their commitment to innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility not only benefits Carrefour but also makes a significant contribution to a greener and more inclusive future. As Texplast expands its operations, it is poised to leave a lasting impact on the recycling industry, setting new standards for responsible business practices.

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