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Terrenus Distribution announces launch of Eezi Oral

Oct 23, 2023
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Terrenus Distribution East Africa Limited, a boutique investment and distribution house  specializing in consumer health care solutions, is proud to announce the launch of Eezi  Oral Hygiene Brands Limited in Kenya.

This first product launch introduces toothpaste tablets that are environmentally friendly, saliva-activated, clinically approved and require no water. The product is made in Kenya, by Kenyans, for Kenyans and will be distributed across the African continent.

The ground-breaking product comes in tablet form instead of paste in a tube but works in exactly the same way that traditional toothpaste does. Less waste than a tube and as the tablets are saliva activated, there is no water required to brush. It reduces the use of plastic through a smart delivery system, saves on product waste as it comes in a precise, onetablet serving, and solves the challenges of traditional toothpaste delivery systems.

Dr. Paul Ngugi, Chief Clinician and Group CEO of Evolution Dental, quote: “Kenyans have not previously had access to an affordable or convenient toothpaste that allows them to brush regularly. Eezi brings a superior quality brand at affordable pricing to all Kenyans without compromising on efficacy and qualitative outcomes. Eezi provides the same standard of oral care that traditional toothpaste does but is affordable due to its smart packaging and delivery system. It can be bought as a single serving or in bulk”.

The toothpaste tablets are available in all pharmacies and on Kyosk.App, a nationwide digital last-mile distributor serving Duka’s with innovative technology and products.

Together with Eezi Brands, Kyosk.App is enabling access for all communities to oral care. Eezi Oral Hygiene Brands Limited has partnered with local pharmaceutical group,  Laboratory & Allied to localise production, with support from the leading pharmacy chain in East Africa, Goodlife Pharmacy.

 According to Head of Marketing, Yvonne Achieng “With over 130+ stores in Kenya and an expansive e-commerce platform, we remain confident that this strategic partnership will enable us to reach a broader market”.

Award-winning artist and philanthropist, King Kaka known for his captivating storytelling and thought-provoking lyrics has been appointed as the Eezi brand ambassador with the objective of supporting good oral hygiene in Kenya. With numerous accolades to his name, King Kaka has become a prominent figure in African music, using his platform to address social issues and inspire change. King Kaka’s commitment to his craft and his dedication to uplifting African voices have earned him a loyal and global fan base.

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“With so many health challenges experienced by our communities, I am proud to stand behind an Eezi, affordable way for Kenyans to make a measurable change in the way they manage their oral hygiene outcomes.” – King Kaka

Eezi toothpaste has been manufactured to meet multiple consumer needs. Apart from its Complete Protection toothpaste offering, it will also launch Herbal Fluoride Free; Kids Complete Protection; Charcoal Whitening; and Sensitivity Prevention.

The tablets can be bought daily, weekly, or monthly in boxes of blister packs, or in single servings of any quantity needed, making day-to-day oral hygiene management accessible to all. In other words, Kenyans can buy enough Eezi for one brush or for as many as they wish. To use Eezi toothpaste tablets, consumers simply put the tablet between their teeth, chew to foam and brush – anytime, anywhere. No water is required.

The toothpaste tablets will be available on Kyosk.App and pharmacies before the end of October 2023. Kenyans can look out for more exciting information by following the Eezi  social handles on eezihealthcare.com, social media – Eezi Health Care as well as content from King Kaka in upcoming months.

“We are immensely proud to be launching this innovative product which we firmly believe will change the shape of oral health care in Kenya. We look forward to this Kenyanmanufactured product being distributed across Africa and having the same impact across multiple African countries. This places Kenya firmly at the forefront of innovative health care solutions for all communities throughout the African continent. We believe in changing lives through changing access to oral healthcare that is effective, clinically tested and approved, affordable and waste free”, says Dr Ngugi.

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