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‘Stop texting I am not a lesbian’ Machachari actor cries out

Jul 14, 2021 #LGBTQ, #Machachari, #Stella
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Former Machachari Actor Natasha Ngegie known to many as Stella has denied claims of being a member of the LGBQT Community.

This is after a video went viral last week claiming that she is Lesbian. Stella has affirmed her fans that she is straight and has never been attracted to women.

“Ever since that stupid video falsely stating I’m a lesbian came out, my DMS are chroming with women,” she wrote.

This is not the first time she has responded to these claims. Early this year, she rubbished claims she is a drug addict. Many bloggers had written alleging her to be a lesbian and a drug addict.

“Let me address the nation!” Stella wrote.

“A YouTube video has been circulating and rumours have it I’m a drug addict, lesbian, depressed and many other shenanigans. I hereby declare that that is false and just cause I’m not in the spotlight doesn’t mean I’m depressed. Bloggers, please watch what you post. Kindly stop writing/releasing false information just for views.”

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