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Step-by-Step Guide to Hassle-free Loan Repayment with Equity

Sep 26, 2023
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Are you an Equity Bank customer looking for easy ways to repay your loan? Equity provides a
range of hassle-free loan repayment options tailored to your convenience, with the understanding
that servicing your loans should be a straightforward and user-friendly process.

Here’s a breakdown of how you can easily and conveniently repay your loan:

Equitel STK (SIM Toolkit)

 Access the Equitel STK menu.

 Navigate to “My Money” and select “Eazzy Loan.”

 Opt for either partial or full payment.

 Choose your desired account.

 Input your PIN.

 Select the specific loan for repayment.

 Enter the partial payment amount if applicable.

 Confirm your payment details.

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USSD – Dial *247#

 Dial *247#.

 Select “Borrow” and then “Pay Loan.”

 Pick the loan you intend to repay.

 Specify whether you’re making a partial or full payment.

 Enter the partial payment amount if applicable.

 Choose the account from which you’ll make the payment.

 Confirm your PIN.

Equity Mobile App/Online

 Launch the Equity Mobile App or access your account online.

 Navigate to the “Borrow” section.

 Select “Pay loan.”

 Pick the account from which you wish to make the payment.

 Choose the specific loan you intend to repay.

 Enter the full loan amount or the partial payment amount.

 Confirm your payment details and proceed with the payment.

EVA (Equity Virtual Assistant)

 WhatsApp – Save the number 0763 000 000 on your phone and start chatting with EVA

or Click https://bit.ly/EquityVirtualAssistant

 Facebook Messenger – Search EquityEva or Click https://facebook.com/EquityEva
 Telegram – Search @Equitychatbot or Clickhttps://bit.ly/EvaTelegramChatbot
 Proceed to the “Borrow” section.

The Significance of Timely Loan Repayments

Here’s why it matters:

 Fostering a Strong Credit Rating: Timely loan repayments shows your financial
responsibility, contributing to a positive credit history.

A favourable credit rating opens doors to better credit terms and higher loan limits in the future.

 Access to Favourable Loan Terms: A robust credit profile enables you to secure loans
with lower interest rates, extended repayment periods, and more favourable terms. This
translates to savings and reduces financial strain.

 Enhanced Financial Stability: Timely repayments prevent the accrual of additional
interest and fees, aiding in maintaining your overall financial stability and keeping you
aligned with your financial objectives.

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Easy Loan Access with Equity Bank

Equity Bank goes above and beyond to also simplify loan access for its customers, offering a
range of hassle-free options to secure loans ranging from Kes 100 to Kes 3 million, all without
the need for physical bank visits or guarantors.

These accessible methods include the convenience of dialing *247# available round the clock,
the user-friendly Equity Mobile App available for Android and iOS users, seamless loan
management through Equitel’s menu for Equitel users, and the flexibility of Equity Online for
web-based banking enthusiasts, enabling effortless account access and loan repayments from
your computer.

To Download the Equity Mobile App, please use the links below:
Playstore: http://bit.ly/EquitymobileAndroid…
Appstore: http://http ://bit.ly/EquityMobileIOS
or log on to https://equityonline.equitygroupholdings.com

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