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‘She Delivers’ System Launched to Bridge Transport, Logistics

Sep 22, 2023
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A formation of a vibrant Women in Logistics Association is needed to support more women to join the transport ecosystems, says Veronica Nduva, Principal Secretary, State Department for Gender and Affirmative Action.

Speaking at the launch of She Delivers Program at Ponty Pridd Holdings Limited, Ms Nduva said it is evident that the logistics sector is synonymous with features and practices that create barriers to encouraging women to join and retaining women already in the industry.

“Traditionally, the logistics industry has traditionally been regarded as ‘no place for a woman’. and this is true by the data available on various studies that show women massively under-represented in the industry despite their higher number in the Kenyan population and labour market,” said Gender and Affirmative PS.

She lauded the She Delivers initiative, touting it as significant project that will bridge the gender gap in the logistic and transport industry.

She Delivers is an internship program aimed at bridging the gender gap in the industry.

This program will train 80 women annually (6-month internship program for 20 interns per cycle, churning out 80 per year) as they navigate their careers in the dynamic world of transport and logistics.

With this initiative, the Ponty Pridd aims to provide aspiring women professionals with the guidance, knowledge, and opportunities they need to excel in a traditionally male-dominated field.

Gender equality in the workplace is a priority for Ponty Pridd, and the She Delivers Program represents a significant step forward in promoting diversity and inclusion within the industry.

Anthony Wainaina, CEO of Ponty Pridd Holdings, expressed enthusiasm about the program, saying,

“We believe that diversity is essential for driving innovation and progress in the transport and logistics sector. She Delivers, our Women in Transport and Logistics Program is a testament to our commitment to empowering women, and we are excited to see the positive impact it will have on the industry.”

The program is set to kick off on 21st September 2023 and will continue to operate on an annual basis. Ponty Pridd Holdings invites all interested parties, including potential mentees, mentors, and industry stakeholders, to join hands in supporting this vital initiative.

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Addressing the guests, Mr Ibrahim Abdi, Senior Deputy Secretary, State Department of Transport said that the program is a commitment to increase women participation in the transport sector.

“This initiative will address the entry barriers & shattering the stereotypes that dominate this space and hinder their potential to excel. It will attract more female into the industry and ultimately create a space for them to thrive under a banner of diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

Women have proved their mettle in all the sectors where they have ventured into. The penetration has been slow, but it is increasing gradually.

Likewise, given the kind of disruptions we are witnessing in the logistics and supply chain ecosystem, we will definitely require a large pool of talent to efficiently run the businesses.

There are a number of opportunities that lie ahead in this sector which women can and should explore.

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