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Serial Conman ‘Stephen Nzoma’ Preys on Victims, Leaves Trail of Financial Ruin

Jan 25, 2024 #News
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Kenyan authorities are on high alert as reports emerge of a serial conman Stephen Nzoma alias Roy for inflicting financial devastation on unsuspecting victims across the country.

Known for his deceitful tactics and elusive nature, Nzoma has left a trail of pain and financial ruin in his wake, leaving victims with losses totaling millions of shillings.

Described as a master manipulator, Nzoma employs various schemes to defraud his victims, with some falling prey to his fraudulent online forex and gaming apps.

Operating under the guise of a police officer, he exploits his purported connections within the service to intimidate and dissuade victims from seeking justice, leaving them feeling powerless and vulnerable.

One of Nzoma’s preferred methods involves colluding with employees of online forex and gaming companies, enabling him to siphon off funds deposited by unsuspecting victims.

Once the money is deposited, victims are left reeling from immediate losses, as Nzoma disappears into the shadows, leaving behind a trail of shattered dreams and financial devastation.

His base of operations is believed to be in Tassia and Umoja in Nairobi where he has managed to evade authorities despite multiple reports filed at various police stations.

Victims recount tales of betrayal and deceit, with many expressing frustration at the lack of accountability for Nzoma’s actions.

As an online predator, Nzoma poses a significant threat to individuals seeking legitimate online opportunities. Authorities urge caution and vigilance among Kenyans engaging in online ventures, emphasizing the importance of verifying the authenticity of individuals and platforms before making any financial commitments.

In response to Nzoma’s reign of deception, efforts are underway to raise awareness and circulate information within communities, with the aim of preventing further victims from falling prey to his schemes.

Kenyan authorities are actively pursuing leads and coordinating efforts to apprehend Nzoma and bring him to justice.

The case of Stephen Nzoma serves as a stark reminder of the dangers posed by online fraudsters and the importance of exercising caution in cyberspace. As the investigation continues, authorities remain committed to dismantling Nzoma’s network and ensuring that justice is served for his victims.

Stephen Nzoma’s activities as a serial conman have inflicted untold suffering and financial hardship on his victims.

With his deceitful tactics and elusive nature, he continues to evade authorities, leaving a trail of devastation in his wake. Kenyan authorities urge vigilance and caution among the public, emphasizing the need to remain vigilant against online predators like Nzoma.

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