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Senator reveals Ksh5B offer wasn’t the highest bid for Mumias Sugar

Jun 12, 2021
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Today Kakamega Senator Cleo Malalah who unraveled a cartel that was trying to auction Mumias Sugar Company secretly has also revealed to Western Kenya people and sugarcane farmers about other investors who have tabled in better offers that have clear details and roadmap towards reviving Mumias Sugar Company.

The revelations indicate that over 8 more investors who are interested and there is one offering over Ksh 12 Billion.

The KRUMAN FINANCE company owned jointly between a French man and a Turkeyish man is readily available with Ksh 12B.

That not withstanding a few selfish politicians who do business with Devki owners are not considering KRUMAN because the people, GoK and County Government will benefit more instead of them individually.

Senator has promised to keep the matter public until a proper investor is found and Mumias Sugar Company is revived and starts operations as soon as possible.

Further the Senator has requested that residents and farmers to listen to him more because he is there to represent them and ensure their interests are secured tightly.

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