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Section of Judges who Failed the Judges Welfare Association, Now Seek to Manipulate Magistrates and Kadhis to control KMJA

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In 2015, a number of newly recruited Judges plotted a mass exit from KMJA. They formed a splinter group named Kenya Judges Welfare Association(KJWA). Their commanders were the former chair of the war Council under Justice Mutunga, Prof. Ngugi, Justices Mwongo and the late Louis Onguto.

That explains how elections in 2015 were postponed. This group had gone to court. Many understand that Judges ganged up, carefully appointed a bench that wrote a now very controversial boardroom Judgement. It’s on Appeal.

Too much infighting, poor governance and lack of face has led the Judges to run and are now looking for solace in KMJA.

Like the prodigal son, they look lost, remorseful and orphaned. Our sources show that they have vowed to retake KMJA. It’s said that they have fundraised heavily amongst themselves and will bribe the Magistrates and Kadhis, who we have learned, are poorly paid. Their problem is that it’s proving hard to sell their candidate, who, many say, seems unclear on issues.

Judicial officers are suspicious. The sudden interest from Judges has raised eye brows.

“They have trooped back in numbers. Their salaries are fat. They have big cars. Wako na security sisi hatuna. We are not the same,” said one Principal Magistrate.

“We are worlds apart. They should keep to their failed Judges Association. They are insincere!” Said one agitated Kadhi.

There is a simmering rift of the bench. High Court Judges equally perceive Judges from the ELC and EALRC as junior to them. We will report more

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