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‘Say whatever you want’ Hudda hits back at her followers

Jul 15, 2021
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Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe has said she is never affected by Kenyans calling her names nowadays.

She says in the past it really used to affect her on how she was being called names for living a lavish Lifestyle.

On her Instagram story she said;
“So in like 2014 ish, People used to call me a h*e so much coz I used to live a rich ass lifestyle, Ibiza, Miami, etc with no job! ( I still do and you’ll never figure me out.

Anyway, I used to get angry and fight them Lol! So they kept on going harder than last time. I was always angry and frustrated. Attracting negativity always.

Nothing I did was going well coz I surrounded myself with negative vybz.

Wasting my time Responding to non-factors.”

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