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Samsung Hosts Unprecedented Device Experience Partner Summit

Mar 18, 2022
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Samsung Electronics East Africa has held its inaugural strategic partner summit with the key Samsung distributors and dealers in Kenya.

This is the first partner summit hosted led by Mr. Tae Sun Lee, the newly appointed Managing Director of Samsung Electronics East Africa Limited.

The summit was held to bring together the key stakeholders to emphasize the strengthening of links with Samsung ensuring the best possible experience is given to the consumer.

Technological advancement is the key driver to the Samsung business globally.

This has involved showcasing 2022 product line-up for both the Mobile and Consumer Electronics business units.

In terms of emerging trends, the global business direction is shifting its focus to the millennial and Z Generation.

The highlight of the summit was the presentation by Samsung Managing Director Mr. Lee, who showcased the Samsung’s business strategy for the East African market that involves winning the mind share of local consumers and building partnership with our valued partners and ultimately making Samsung the most preferred and beloved brand of Africa.

The event also saw presence from leading operator Safaricom PLC management.

Commenting on the forum and Safaricom’s continued partnership with Samsung, Peter Ndegwa, Safaricom CEO said they partner with Samsung for a flow in the correlation to increase the smartphone usage and empower communities.

“At Safaricom, our purpose is to transform lives. Our commitment is to ensure that no one is left behind in the digital revolution as we have witnessed a correlation between increase in smartphone usage and empowerment of communities. That is why we partner with companies like Samsung who make this possible through their array of devices, which enable Kenyans to enjoy the transformative power of the internet.”

Samsung Electronics officially launched its new set division, which combines its mobile and consumer electronics businesses into a single unit, as DX, short for device experience, underscoring its emphasis on the user experience of various Samsung products. Under the DX Division, the Company expects to strengthen synergies among the diverse businesses and create differentiated products and services.

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“As Samsung it is important that we have one voice as we roll out our strategies going forward. The market dynamics are continuously changing and we also see the need to adjust our sails and require our key stakeholders to share that same vision with us. The summit is not only to appreciate our partners but to keep them abreast on all that we are doing and why we are doing it, so they can be a part of that voice,” stated Mr. Tae Sun Lee, Managing Director, Samsung Electronics East Africa.

The Samsung more than 100 dealers have also discussed the market needs and how together with other stakeholders they can grow the Kenyan market.

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